Trudeau, Ford ‘trying to pass burden of blame’ for COVID-19

Ontario Premier Doug Ford sent a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this week urging the Liberal government to implement enhanced measures at Canadian borders. He called on Trudeau to reduce the amount of international flights coming into Canada, implement mandatory pre-departure testing for domestic flights and to address the loophole at the land border with the U.S. that allows travellers to re-enter Canada without having to quarantine at a hotel. Trudeau told Toronto news station CP24 that it was “frustrating and disappointing that the province is still trying to point fingers.”

Sean Speer, fellow in residence at the Public Policy Forum, says Ford has a case when it comes to his critique of the federal government’s approach to borders. He also says that the government's are both grappling wihth growing frustrating among the Canadian public over the country's overall performance when it comes to COVID-19. On this episode of Crisis Management, he explains why the province and the federal government are arguing over the border, and what may happen next when it comes to the fight against COVID-19.