Trump awkwardly drinks from water bottle, sends social media into frenzy

Christina Gregg,

President Trump drank from a bottle of water during his White House remarks on Wednesday afternoon, and the pause was too much for Twitter to handle.

The 45th president was in the middle of remarks highlighting self-proclaimed foreign and domestic successes of his administration when he bent down to look for a bottle of water to quench his thirst.

"They don't have water, it's OK," Trump said at first, looking disappointed that he did not have access to a drink. Someone in the audience then appears to tell the commander in chief that there is water to his right, at which point he bends down again to retrieve a Fiji water bottle.

Trump then untwisted the bottle cap, opened it and drank -- sending social media users into a frenzy over the relatively awkward maneuver.

Click through to see the hot takes and varied reactions to President Trump's water moment:

The mid-speech action is particularly of note due to Trump's once mocking GOP Sen. Marco Rubio's own "water incident" when he delivered the response to the State of the Union in 2013.

"Next time Marco Rubio should drink his water from a glass as opposed to a bottle," Trump tweeted in February of 2013. "Would have much less negative impact."


Trump also received flack for drinking Fiji brand water -- which is bottled and shipped from Fiji -- while he often prides himself as the "Buy American, Hire American" president.

"Trump drinks FIJI Water while decrying trade deficits," one reporter noted.


Someone was even quick to update Fiji's Wikipedia page, naming them the "official thirst quencher of Donald Trump."