Trump boasts ‘I’m a smart guy’ after report says he had $270m of debt written off

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 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

President Donald Trump has suggested he is a "smart guy rather than a bad guy" in response to a report alleging that he had $270 million dollars worth of debt written off after refusing to pay up on a flailing Chicago real-estate development.

"As a developer long ago, and continuing to this day, the politicians ran Chicago into the ground," Mr Trump, 74, tweeted early on Wednesday morning as attempted to shift the blame for the failed venture onto locally elected officials.

"I was able to make an appropriately great deal with the numerous lenders on a large and very beautiful tower. Doesn’t that make me a smart guy rather than a bad guy?" the president added.

Fresh off the back off a three-city campaigning blitz, the president was firing back at a story published in the New York Times on Tuesday, which suggested he defaulted on loans used to finance the construction of the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago back in 2008.

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