Trump dropped by key lender Deutsche Bank - NYT

Last week’s chaos on Capitol Hill was watched with alarm in boardrooms around the world.

And it may have been the final straw for at least one bank.

The New York Times says Deutsche Bank has decided to do no more business with Donald Trump.

The German firm is the U.S. president’s biggest lender, with about 340 million dollars in loans outstanding to the Trump Organization.

That’s his umbrella group, currently overseen by his two sons.

There was no immediate comment from Deutsche or the Trump Organization on the report.

But the bank’s head of U.S. operations condemned the violence in Washington in a LinkedIn post last week.

Reuters reported in November that Deutsche was looking to cut ties with Trump.

It’s tired of all the negative publicity stemming from the relationship.

Trump’s loans from the bank are for a golf course in Miami and hotels in Washington and Chicago.

The president was this week snubbed by world golf, with the sport’s U.S. and global ruling bodies saying they would shun his courses for future events.