Trump may have hung onto documents at Mar-a-Lago because he saw something 'personally advantageous,' New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman speculates

  • Trump's home at Mar-a-Lago was raided by the FBI last week in search of sensitive documents.

  • Political reporter Maggie Haberman said he may have stored documents that he viewed as "personally advantageous."

  • It's still unclear what exactly the FBI uncovered from his home.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, who has covered former President Donald Trump for decades, speculated that documents seized last week by the FBI from Mar-a-Lago could have been "personally advantageous."

Haberman, who is a New York Times reporter and a CNN analyst, appeared on Tuesday's episode of the podcast "Hacks on Tap" and discussed potential scenarios for why Trump held onto those documents.

She suggested that the former president could have kept the documents simply because he thought "something was cool."

"Another bucket is: He sees something personally advantageous — either because it's something that he can use to bolster himself or it's something that he believes will help him in his business or his personal brand," Haberman added.

"There's not just a possibility that a foreign adversary could accidentally see these things, there's also the possibility that Trump could have been — and I'm not saying this is the case for those listening, we don't know, there's a lot we don't know — but among the concerns are Trump has business ties overseas," she added.

Beyond the search warrant which was leaked and then unsealed last Friday that included a vague list, it's unclear what was seized from Mar-a-Lago. The warrant listed 11 sets of classified documents, but the full extent of the contents is still unknown.

"I think there's a concern that whatever he had could be of use to him," she continued.

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