Trump - news live: President could try to ‘pardon himself’ as White House clamps down on ‘disloyal’ staff

Joe Sommerlad,Gino Spocchia,Oliver O'Connell and Justin Vallejo
·1 min read

Donald Trump has spent a busy morning on Twitter crying election fraud - still without any evidence to substantiate his allegations - rather than acknowledging Veterans’ Day, further disrespecting the US military after multiple instances of his insulting generals, war heroes and current servicemen and women.

While the president is visiting Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia for his first public event in a week, his focus has instead been on claiming that a story about ballot-tampering brought forward by a Pennsylvania postal worker before being retracted is in fact true and lashing out at ABC and The Washington Post over their Wisconsin election poll, a forecast that put Joe Biden ahead by 17 points but proved to be overly optimistic.

As the administration continues to rage against the inevitable, first lady Melania Trump is also reportedly declining to meet with her successor, Dr Jill Biden.

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