Trump told a rally his wife Melania didn't believe claims that he engaged in 'golden showers' with sex workers because he is a 'germophobe'

melania donald trump
President Donald Trump and Melania Trump during a campaign rally in February 2017.Joe Raedle/Getty Images
  • Trump denied old claims from the 2016 Steele dossier that sex workers had urinated on him.

  • He said that his wife Melania didn't believe the allegations because he is a germophobe.

  • He told a rally of supporters in Iowa that his wife knew he wasn't into "golden showers."

Former President Donald Trump said that his wife, Melania, didn't believe allegations that sex workers had urinated on him because he is a "germophobe."

"'He was with four hookers' — you think that was good that night to go up and tell my wife? 'It's not true darling, I love you very much, it's not true,'" Trump said, reenacting telling his wife about the claims made in the infamous Steele dossier.

"Actually, that one she didn't believe because she said, 'he's a germophobe, he's not into that, you know.' He's not into 'golden showers' as they say," he said while speaking at a rally in Fort Dodge, Iowa, on Saturday.

In a heavily disputed dossier compiled in 2016, the former British spy Christopher Steele claimed that Russian authorities had covertly filmed sex workers urinating on Trump in a Moscow hotel room.

Trump has long denied the dossier's contents, and there is no evidence to suggest such a tape exists.

Steele has since doubled down on his claims, saying that he believed the tape "probably exists" and claimed, without evidence, that Russia may have kept the tape hidden because Trump offered the country "pretty good value" during his time in office.

Trump has often brought up the allegations unprompted during rallies and speeches.

The former president has long been a self-confessed germophobe and said in a 1999 interview that shaking hands was a "barbaric practice" because it spreads flu germs.

Some of his aides told Politico in 2019 that he would ask visitors to the Oval Office to wash their hands before entering and would "scowl" at staff who coughed or sneezed around him.

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