Tudor and Cashel get request to proclaim May ‘Building Safety Month’

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Tudor and Cashel Township council got a letter on April 20 requesting that the township proclaim May “Building Safety Month” at their May 3 council meeting. Sent by Joyanne Beckett, Ontario Building Officials Association president and manager of the City of Kitchener’s building division, and Colin Brook, Ontario’s Large Municipalities Chief Building Officials president and the director of building services and chief building official with the City of Milton, council discussed the request and decided to support the resolution.

Beckett and Brook began the letter to Nancy Carrol, the clerk and treasurer, that the building industry celebrates building safety month each May, in a campaign developed by the International Code Council and supported by the LMCBO and the OBOA.

“The premise behind this recognition is to build awareness that the strength and growth of communities in municipalities across Ontario relies on the safety of our homes, buildings and infrastructure. The vigilant guardians that work hard to maintain this safety includes building officials, fire prevention officials, architects, engineers, builders, tradespersons, design professionals and the entire construction industry,” they said in their letter.

These guardians in Ontario use the Ontario Building Code to ensure this safety, according to Beckett and Brook, and note that it is regarded as one of the best building codes in the world. They are campaigning to remind the public about the critical role played by provincial communities’ largely unknown protectors of public safety. They also included some posters with the letter for Carrol to share with her colleagues in the township. The theme for Building Safety Month in 2022 is Safety for All: Codes in Action, which encourages awareness about planning for safe and sustainable construction, career opportunities in building safety, understanding disaster mitigation, energy conservation and creating a safe and abundant water supply to benefit everyone.

“To support this recognition and ensure that municipal residents are aware of the guardians of public safety and the important role they play in our everyday lives, we are seeking your support. The OBOA and LMCBO on behalf of the building industry are asking municipalities in Ontario to proclaim May as Building Safety Month. This proclamation would not only recognize the importance of the building industry and the hard-working guardians, but it would build awareness of the OBC and the safety of the infrastructure in municipalities across Ontario,” they said in their letter.

More information on Building Safety Month can be found at the OBOA website at www.oboa.on.ca/events-2022/bsm/.

At the May 3 meeting, Mayor Libby Clarke introduced the resolution for Tudor and Cashel to make the month of May Building Safety Month. Councillor Bob Bridger brought forth a motion to support it, councillor Wanda Donaldson seconded it and council voted unanimously to pass it.

Carrol told The Bancroft Times on May 5 that council was very supportive of making May Building Safety Month.

“Scott Richardson [the township’s chief building official] has informed us that he has some posters for around the community and we will utilize our website to inform the community and bring forward awareness.”

Michael Riley, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Bancroft Times

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