Tumbler Ridge museum and geopark continue exploring amalgamation

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A report on amalgamating Tumbler Ridge's geopark and museum was received for discussion at the Peace River Regional District’s April 15 board. The two organizations will be holding off on plans to amalgamate for now.

Last summer, the Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark Society (TRGGS) and Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation (TRMF) began exploring the possibility of combining the two organizations into one, streamlining history and tourism for the region.

“They’re working pretty hard on this, the letter from them is a little bit silent in respect to where they are, outlines moving forward with this. But I think COVID has put all of us a little bit back,” said Taylor Mayor Rob Fraser, referencing a letter to the PRRD board.

Fraser attended an amalgamation discussion session in July 2020, with Tumbler Ridge Mayor Keith Bertrand.

“I think they are moving in the right direction, but I wouldn’t say that amalgamation is forgone or indefinite as well,” said Bertrand. “Throughout this process, they’ve really discovered that each organization’s mandates are completely different.”

He added that both organizations do still strongly complement one another.

“It does make sense to amalgamate, but I don’t know if it’s a for sure thing yet,” Bertrand said.

Director Dan Rose said the report was a welcome read and useful for board decisions.

“I don’t think it matters what the end result is, the process, the exploration, to find common ground. Because that’ll put it to bed then, to find where each organization is going,” said Rose, noting the report is useful for determining future funding from the PRRD.

An action plan is included in the report, detailing next steps. Eight more months of meetings are scheduled between the two organizations, using guided conversations to research the pros and cons.

Their next meeting is slated for May.


Tom Summer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Alaska Highway News