Turkish musician plays keyboard with pet cat loving every moment

Screenshot from Instagram

There’s an old saying that music has charms soothes the savage beast — or in this case, an adorable kitty cat.

At least that’s true with a feline owned by a Turkish musician. In a viral video, Sarper Duman shows off his uncanny ability to win over his pet cat’s affection while he melodically plays the keyboard.

In a clip posted to his Instagram page on March 7, Duman can be seen sitting at his keyboard while his furry friend rests comfortably on his lap. Making himself right at home, the animal soon begins stretching out on top of the keyboard before eventually gazing up into his owner’s eyes.

That’s when the cat, perhaps overcome by the music, or more likely just looking for some attention, begins lovingly nuzzling up to Duman as he continues to play.

At one point in the video, the intimate moment starts to sound like a bit of a duet as the cat starts accidentally hitting some keys on the keyboard, much to its owner’s obvious amusement.

The clip has already been viewed more than 35,000 times on Instagram.

Duman’s Instagram account is actually full of pictures of the many different cats in his care, but it’s probably safe to say this particular feline seems to be his biggest music fan.