Turtle Tangled in Fishing Line Treated For Injuries at Australian Wildlife Hospital

A turtle that became tangled in a fishing line was recovering well after being treated for injuries at Taronga Wildlife Hospital in Sydney.

The injured turtle, who rescuers believe is possibly a female, arrived at the wildlife hospital on January 20.

“The fishing line had cut into the animal’s flipper, impacting the soft tissue all the way down to the bone. X-rays also identified a fish hook in the animal’s neck,” the Taronga Conservation Society, which runs the hospital, said in a statement.

Following surgery to treat the wounds, the turtle was recovering well, “eating squid and swimming around,” the society said.

“This case is a good reminder for members of the public to take all rubbish and fishing debris with them when they depart beaches and waterways this summer.” Credit: Taronga Conservation Society Australia via Storyful