TV legends who have never won an Emmy vent frustrations in hilarious sketch

Jason Alexander, Scott Bakula, Zooey Deschanel, Alyson Hannigan and Fred Savage joined the Emmy broadcast Sunday night for a hilarious sketch portraying a support group for actors who have never won the award. All aired their grievances, and while all are fine actors, Alexander made the case to have real beef with the Television Academy.

“Alyson, you should get down on your knees and thank the universe that you’ve never been nominated,” Alexander said to Hannigan. “I’ve been nominated eight times, seven consecutive for playing George Costanza. (Singing)Co-stan-za. Yeah, sure you know him. Everybody loves him. Everybody loves him. I lost all of the seven times. I want my Emmy.”

Naturally, Dr. Phil showed up with some sage advice for the actors.

“You are forever gonna be the last pig under the gate if all you do is sit around and whine without action,” Dr. Phil said. “If you want an Emmy, get yourself booked on Ted Lasso or The Crown, that’s what you gotta do. Action.”

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