Twenty Dollar Pyramids put their money down on a debut album

The members of Twenty Dollar Pyramids bonded over their interest in electronic music, but never intended to form a band.

That's even though James Reid, John Eddy, Tim Rypien, Lennie Earle and Nathan Cluett had been jamming together for several years.

"Me and John [Eddy] were making fully formed tracks, and sending them to James [Reid]," said Rypien.

"And he would just write a song over it, lyrics, make a vocal part and send it back."

"We never had any intentions of playing live," continued Rypien.

"In fact, at that time, we thought we were more of an electronic group."

Now, they have an album, and the Twenty Dollar Pyramids recently chatted with CBC's Weekend AM host Heather Barrett about it all. Have a listen to their conversation.  

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