These twin brothers welcomed babies on the exact same day

Birthing twins is already phenomenal enough. But when those twins grow up to have babies on the exact same day more than two decades later — well, that’s just miraculous. For Josh and Justin Thorington, this nearly impossible scenario is now their reality, as the brothers’ little boy and girl were incidentally born just 18 hours apart.

“We never talked about syncing pregnancies,” Josh tells Yahoo Lifestyle of conversations between him and his brother about having children. “In fact, neither of us knew the other was trying.”

Josh and Denise on left with baby Jack, alongside Alex and Justin on right with baby Lucy. (Photo: Courtesy of Justin Thorington)

But when Justin and his wife, Alex, shared their news at a family barbecue, they sparked a thought in Josh’s wife, Denise, to take a pregnancy test. As it turned out, she was pregnant as well, for two weeks longer than her sister-in-law. Josh went over to Justin’s house to tell him the news. For the two of them, they say, “it didn’t seem out of the ordinary.”

“Josh and I have shared pretty much every experience together growing up as twins,” Justin says, “birthdays, graduations, etc. So it felt kind of natural.” However, the more exciting part of the coincidence was the shared experience that their wives would now have.

Throughout the pregnancies, both couples were able to talk to each other about appointments, baby registries, and all the things to come with parenting. Alex says that she had friends to talk to as well, but it was special to go through it with family.

“Denise and I both married into the family — and it’s a huge family,” Alex says, “so we have a unique bond and experience that we can share about now raising kids in this big, fun family.”

However, neither of the women could have anticipated that they’d be parenting together from day one.

On March 26, Denise was admitted to the hospital, while Justin and Alex patiently waited for news of the baby’s arrival. Alex was still a few weeks away from her due date, yet she began to have frequent contractions and went to the same hospital as Josh and Denise in the middle of the night.


The cousins will grow up with each other, day by day. (Photo: Courtesy of Josh Thorington)

Josh and Denise’s baby boy, Jack, was born on March 27 at 4:18 a.m., followed by Alex’s surprise admittance to the hospital at 12:30 that afternoon. The couple went to visit the new parents once they arrived, and eventually Alex gave birth to their daughter, Lucy, at 11:43 p.m. Just a few doors away from one another, the whole family got to experience the addition of two new babies all together.

“Josh and Denise came down to our room with Jack after Lucy was born,” Justin says of that evening in the hospital. “It was a really cool experience to have the cousins born on the same day, together for the first time. I started to think that this was their first experience of many that they will share for the rest of their lives.”

As for the many milestones that the cousins will face together in the future, both Justin and Josh hope that it’ll be quite similar to their upbringing as twins.

“We always had someone to play with, to experience new things together with, and just someone familiar,” Justin says of himself and his brother. “I hope they can play together and have fun together. But most importantly, I hope they can be there for each other to lean on through hard times and share the joys of all the good things that will happen in their lives. I hope they can be best friends like Josh and I.”

“We’ve never known what it’s like to not be a twin,” Josh adds. “I hope that Jack and Lucy will feel as close as we are.”

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