Twinning effort drives highway plan for 2021-22

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The Nova Scotia government will spend almost $500 million in 2021-22 on a variety of road and bridge projects, with continued highway twinning efforts driving that spending.

Transportation Minister Lloyd Hines released his department's annual five-year plan on Wednesday. It includes the ongoing work to twin sections of highways 101, 103, 104 and 107. There are also plans to replace or rehabilitate 19 bridges.

Other major projects include:

  • Improvements to the Port Hastings rotary.

  • A new aerotech connector project, including a connector road between Highway 102 and Trunk 2 at Exit 5A, roundabouts and two other structures.

  • The start of construction on the new Bridgewater interchange on Highway 103.

  • $20 million on the provincial gravel road program.

Hines said that in total officials in his department anticipate 150 major construction projects for 2021-22.

The twinning effort, scheduled to be complete by 2023, remains on schedule and on budget, said the minister. Hines repeatedly touted the value of twinning highways as a safety measure.

In the current fiscal year, the province has paved 612 kilometres of roads and highways, an effort augmented by $100 million in COVID-19-related stimulus work announced last spring. Hines said the majority of that work is complete or in progress, although some bridge work will roll over into the coming construction season.

Department officials expect about 500 kilometres of paving and gravel road work this coming fiscal year.