Twins Who Married Twins Talk Boundaries in 'Quaternary Marriage': We 'Have Our Own Space'

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Salyer Twins
Salyer Twins

Kaytlin Lane Photography The Salyers twins and their kids share a kitchen at home.

Identical twins Brittany and Briana Deane Salyers and their identical twin husbands Josh and Jeremy Salyers live in the same house and share nearly everything, but they do their best to ensure each couple gets their share of alone time.

The sisters married brothers Josh and Jeremy at the 2018 Twins Day Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio — where they'll be returning this weekend for the annual celebration — and have since grown their family. They went on to welcome sons Jett (born to Brittany and Josh, who announced the birth in January 2021) and Jax (born to Briana and Jeremy four months later). The children are cousins but also genetic siblings known as "quaternary twins."

They all live together in a mansion near Smith Mountain Lake in central Virginia, a location that doubles as a venue for their wedding business. And while they share all the rooms in their living quarters, there is one exception.

"Each couple has their own bedroom," Briana told PEOPLE in their Real-Life Love profile featuring exclusive photos of the family at home. "We do like to make that clear because we get a lot of weird creepers."

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Salyer Twins
Salyer Twins

Kaytlin Lane Photography The Salyers pairs (from left: Josh and Brittany; Brianna and Jeremy) often have separate date nights at their pool.

In addition to their shared spaces, the family said the property is large enough that they can break out on their own to enjoy dates around their pool, garden, and theater room.

"We do have our own space here," said Jeremy, 38. "We have our own separate space here that we use to live, and the rest of it we use for the business."

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The space allows for separation when the couples want to unwind independently.

"We're grateful that it allows us to go on individual dates," Josh said. "I mean, we do live together, but the size of the place allows us to go on these little dates, just couples."

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Even though the boys and each couple have separate bedrooms, the family tries to head to bed around the same time.

"We raise our two boys as brothers, which genetically they are," said Briana. "That's part of our routine to do everything kind of simultaneously."

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While the couples do their best to give each other space, sharing a home such as the one they own now has "always" been something Briana and Brittany have dreamed of.

"We always had the vision of this property," Briana said. "We always, from when we were little girls had envisioned this dream property that was kind of like, I don't know, like an enchanted mansion that we could make our own."

"That was something that we really connected on when we were dating Josh and Jeremy actually because they had also envisioned running a business together," she added. "And we were all kind of at that stage where we were ready to do it."

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