Twitter conspiracy theorists think they've found Melania Trump's body double

Aris Folley,

Earlier this month, an absurd conspiracy theory began to spread alleging Melania Trump employed a body double — and now people claim they've found her.

Since February, a woman, who just seems to be a Secret Service agent, has been pictured with the first family on several occasions. In photos, the woman appears to be dressed like a typical Secret Service agent, wearing black or dark blue pantsuits and sensible shoes.

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But to many online, the woman looks strikingly similar to Melania Trump — which has further fueled the wild conspiracy theory that the first lady has a body double.

We've gathered the "evidence" from this advanced theory and collected a few photos of the mysterious woman with Trump.

This is not the first time a woman in the political sphere faced accusations of using body doubles.

During the presidential election last year, then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton began trending online with hashtags such as  #bodydouble or #hillarysbodydouble.

And still, a year after the Clinton body double claims were denounced as false, Melania Trump is now facing her own side-by-side image comparisons by social media.

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