Two contestants missed out on $1 million on 'This Week in Game Shows'

Mike Bagood
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Another week is coming to an end, which can mean only one thing: another episode of “This Week in Game Shows”!

Jeopardy! darling and New York bartender Austin Rogers just keeps winning, but now it’s in the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. In the quarterfinals earlier this week, Rogers was looking defeat directly in the face before answering and wagering correctly on Final Jeopardy. Thankfully for all his fans out there, Rogers grabbed victory from the jaws of defeat to advance to the semifinals and championship at the end of the week.

On Wheel of Fortune, a pair of contestants had already won $26K on the show but had a chance at a $1 million prize during the final puzzle. While racing the clock to guess the final answer, they struggled to come up with the correct response, so they blurted out, “Fried zucchini.” Host Pat Sajak had the unenviable job of letting them know the correct answer was “baked zucchini,” which caused the contestants to wilt in disappointment.

On Family Feud Steve asked a rather cheeky question, Name an animal with big breasts,” to which contest Val quickly buzzed in to answer, “Kangaroo.”  This answer left Steve bewildered and confused, but that is pretty normal for the game show.

Check out T-Pain talking about the odd snack that the late Michael Jackson once served him:

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