Two days set aside for fireworks use in Mono

Mono’s new bylaw regulating the use of fireworks will come into effect Jan. 1.

Town council finalized the legislation Nov. 8 during its regular meeting.

Mono residents will legally only be able to use fireworks between dusk and 11 p.m. on Victoria Day and Canada Day.

Further, fireworks will only be allowed on the actual day of the statutory holiday.

Fred Simpson, the town clerk, said staff were contacted in late October by Hockley Valley Resort about a New Year’s Eve 2022 event they were planning. They asked if they could obtain a Display Fireworks permit.

Simpson said resort staff had contacted a firm licenced to acquire, store, and use Display Fireworks to put on a fireworks display to welcome the new year.

In speaking with Geoff Worthington, the fireworks display firm’s general manager, town staff has confirmed that they have been approached by Hockley Valley Resort to put on a display on New Year’s Eve.

“They have been provided a copy of the draft fireworks bylaw and are prepared to meet the provisions detailed,” Simpson wrote in a report to council.

He said Worthington has provided a copy of his Fireworks Operators Certificate/Display Supervisor Endorsement and Certificate of Liability Insurance. Additionally, he has provided a copy of the Fireworks Permit Application used for an event they held on Oct. 9 at Muskoka Bay Resort.

“The proposed bylaw allows Display Fireworks on any occasion,” the report reads. “However, only with a permit issued by the town. The bylaw stipulates that an application for a permit must be submitted at least 60 days in advance of the requested date of fireworks.”

As yet, the application process is not detailed in the proposed bylaw, but it is staff’s intention that an application for Display Fireworks would be brought to council for approval during the Dec. 13 meeting.

Hockley Valley Resort considers this too late to allow adequate event promotion. The vendor is also reluctant to wait until Dec. 13 to confirm their availability.

“I recommend that the town’s fireworks bylaw come into effect as of Jan. 1, 2023,” Simpson said.

This would remove the requirement to issue a Display Fireworks Permit, and staff would work with Hockley Valley Resort and the fireworks vendor to address the provisions in the bylaw related to Display Fireworks.

“This is a very good example of where we did very extensive surveying and got quite a robust response, which was quite heartening to see,” Mayor John Creelman said.


James Matthews, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Orangeville Citizen