Two Spanish Men Skip Work For 15 YEARS Without Their Boss Noticing


Pulling a sickie is a sackable offence in some workplaces… but in others you can not turn up for 15 years, and no one cares.

More accurately in this case, no one noticed, meaning two council staff in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, got to live one big siesta-like dream.

The lack of commitment shown by the driver and gardener was only noted when the town council’s HR department looked back at records from 2015 onward, and found that neither man had worked a single day.

A more thorough investigagtion concluded that they’d actually been slacking off for 15 years.

According to The Local, a notice on the Jerez de la Frontera town hall website said: “Two representatives of the General Confederation of Labour union (the CGT) could have gone years without coming to work; according to a written statement by the men themselves this situation could date back 15 years.”

The CGT union argues that the men were simply taking off their “accumulated days” - and those of fellow employees, which can be shared - and their absence was part of agreement" with the local councils.

While both men were originally fired, one returned to work following an HR investigation.

The other made a case for having used his colleagues’ accumulated hours as leave. The town hall argued that this was “insufficient” to free him from work for the rest of the year.

Image: Flickr/Nicolas Winspeare

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