Two people robbing a fireworks stand are shot by armed employee, Texas police say

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A fireworks stand worker stopped two accused armed robbers by opening fire on them, Texas police say.

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office reported responding to a call about a robbery at approximately 2 a.m. on July 5. According to KVUE and CBS Austin, the robbery took place at a Big-Tex Fireworks stand in North Austin, Texas.

“It was an aggravated robbery,” Kristen Dark, senior public information officer at the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, told McClatchy News.

Two armed suspects robbed the stand, Dark said. However, a stand worker was armed and fired on the suspects, hitting one of them.

The injured suspect was taken to a local hospital, Dark said, but details on the suspect’s current condition were not released.

The incident is under investigation. Authorities could not release any additional details.

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