Two in the race for Northern Lights Subdivision Eight

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Two candidates are in the running for the Northern Lights School Division subdivision eight as the election date draws near.

Incumbent Harry A. Morin, Jr. and new candidate Marina Dumas are both vying for the position. Subdivision eight includes the community of Sandy Bay.

As a social worker and mental health therapist in the school, Dumas already advocates for members of her community. Being a trustee for the local school division is another way she can do that, she said.

“That's what I do in my everyday life. When people were asking me, I thought if I can start here, then I can start changing things.”

With some voting rules, certain members of her community that have children in the school are kept from voting, she said.

Growing up in the community before moving away at the age of 12, Morin says there were plenty of opportunities for sports and recreation that are no longer available for kids.

“I used to remember being so excited [for the Northern games], and because you have to keep your academics up [to be] part of a team. Having all those visitors come, it was so exciting.”

Dumas said she knew she always wanted to come back to Sandy Bay after receiving her schooling and be involved in the community and make it healthier, she said.

“I always had that dream of coming back to work here. The opportunity came up. I took it and I'm here. I just want to be here to do something positive for the community for the kids.”

Morin was unavailable for an interview before publication.

Becky Zimmer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Battlefords Regional News-Optimist