Two spies working for Russian intelligence services detained in Germany

Germany detained two Russian spies
Germany detained two Russian spies

Two people accused of being Russian spies were apprehended in Germany, Spiegel reported.

The two are believed to have committed espionage against U.S. military facilities in Germany and plotting sabotage on military infrastructure and supply routes aiding Ukraine, the paper reported.

The primary suspect, a 39-year-old dual Russian-German citizen from Bavaria, Dieter S.,  faces charges of working as an agent for Russian intelligence services.

German authorities claim he discussed sabotage operations in Germany with Russian officials, including arson and demolitions targeting military infrastructure, defense facilities, and industrial sites.

A particular focus was on transportation routes used for military equipment movement, aiming to undermine German support for Ukraine.

The suspect allegedly conducted reconnaissance and photographed U.S. military installations, sharing the images with Russian contacts.

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Among the military sites under surveillance were U.S. Armed Forces facilities in Grafenwöhr, including a training ground utilized by Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel, notably for Abrams tank instruction.

The second suspect, a 37-year-old Russian-German citizen, Alexander J., also faces charges of espionage by the German Federal Prosecutor's Office.

Dieter S. was associated with the so-called "Donetsk People's Republic" militia from 2014 to 2016.

A German court classified this group as a terrorist organization, leading to charges against Dieter S. for membership in a foreign terrorist group.

Given his possession of firearms, the German Federal Prosecutor's Office initiated an investigation into suspicions of planning violent crimes against the state.

Both suspects are currently in custody as the investigation continues.

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