Two Texas Congressmen Arrested at Voting-Rights Protest in Washington

Two Texas Congressman, Reps Al Green and Ron Reynolds, were arrested during a voting-rights protest in Washington on August 3.

The congressmen were among activists, black religious leaders, and over 100 state legislators who rallied outside the Capitol on Tuesday to urge the Senate to delay its summer recess until passing the For the People Act, which aims to expand Americans’ access to the ballot box.

Congressman Al Green, who represents Texas’s 9th Congressional district, was arrested for blocking traffic, according to local media. Capitol Police cited the congressman’s offence as crowding, obstructing or incommoding, and he received a $50 fine.

Footage shows protesters singing “We Shall Overcome” and chanting “the people, united, will never be defeated,” in response to the congressmen’s arrest.

Rep Ron Reynolds, representing Texas’s District 27, wrote on social media that he was arrested while “peacefully protesting against voter suppression, protecting access to the ballot and preserving our precious right to vote”.

In a social media post, Rep Al Green said, “I’d do it all again in the name of voting rights.”

“Texas Democrats are still risking it all to protect our democracy – including facing arrest for protesting to defend our right to vote,” the state’s Democratic Party wrote on social media on Tuesday. “We proudly stand with @ronereynolds and @RepAlGreen for being unapologetic voices for our rights during this movement. #GoodTrouble”. Credit: Congressman Al Green via Storyful

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