Two Vying for Reeve of RM 402

Two individuals residing in the Rural Municipality of Fish Creek have put their names forward to run for the position of Reeve in Wednesday, November 9. Ryan Sawitsky and Ed Martens, who have both acted as Foreman for the RM, are vying for the position.

Ryan Sawitsky already introduced himself in the October 28th edition of the Wakaw Recorder. Having been born and raised in the RM of Fish Creek most people know him or his family, but for those who don’t he is a building mover, farmer, property owner and family man. Ryan feels there are “procedures in our municipality that I feel could be refined to help save money in these tight financial times, such as our moving program, grading of roads, as well our graveling.”

Ed Martens has lived in the RM of Fish Creek for six years and was foreman for two of those years. Ed is also a farmer, property owner and family man and feels that there is some wasteful spending happening and vows to end it. As well Martens’ election bid is to “hold councillors accountable on decision making, putting a halt on favoritism, and making sure all ratepayers receive equal service not just individual friends of council. He states that there are some chronic road concerns in the RM such as washboarding and frost heaves to name a couple, and he promises to look for solutions. Sawitsky also identified a seeming breakdown between ratepayers and council stating that he feels when a ratepayer calls upon their representatives, be it councillor or reeve, they should get their concerns resolved as best as possible.

Sawitsky noted in his address that he feels there is “a great team of employees in place in the office as well as in the field, to serve the rate payers, … now we have to bring the team together to utilize everyone to their full potential”. Martens appears to agree with this when he states that there is a need to “put our trust in our employees, they have the knowledge and skill [to do the job].” Martens goes on to say that “excuses are not acceptable, and promises are hard to keep, but honesty builds trust, trust builds relationships, and relationships build a strong team.”

Both men feel that they are the best choice for the job, but it will be up to the ratepayers to cast the deciding votes on November 9th.

Carol Baldwin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wakaw Recorder