U-Haul delivers family's possessions after 10-day delay

U-Haul delivers family's possessions after 10-day delay

A new Ottawa family was able to celebrate New Year's Eve with all their belongings — something they were unsure they'd be able to do.

Jean and Marise Deodato, along with their three young children, spent 10 days waiting for an overdue U-Haul delivery containing most of their household possessions after moving from Calgary to Stittsville in early December. 

The Deodatos paid U-Haul over $4,000 to move five pods full of their belongings across the country. Thinking their things would arrive in Ottawa shortly after they did, the couple only packed enough clothes and toys for their children for a two-week stretch.

After an erroneous delivery notification and over a week's worth of worry and confusion, the family's belongings finally arrived on Dec. 29, Marise Deodato said in an interview with CBC's All in a Day. 

She credits outside pressure with putting the move back on track.

"After the press put some pressure on them, they managed to get things delivered," she said. "The kids were so excited."

As they were struggling with U-Haul, the couple spoke with their city councillor, Shad Qadri, and received an outpouring of support from their new community, she said.

"This is the best outcome that we could expect, how amazing this community was to us." 

Shipment stalled near Toronto

The family said they got an online notification on Dec. 21 that their belongings had arrived at the U-Haul depot in Ottawa. But when movers arrived to collect the shipment, it wasn't there.

Six days later, following assurances from U-Haul their shipment would be arriving that day, the Deodatos learned the boxes hadn't even made it to Ottawa yet, but were somewhere near the Toronto area. 

A U-Haul spokesperson told CBC News in December that a "miscommunication" by a local employee had resulted in the delay.