U.K. police produce chilling video to show dangers of distracted driving

Screenshot from YouTube

Police in the U.K. have created a campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of creating social media content while driving and it’s getting a lot of attention.

Part of the #DontStreamandDrive campaign is what appears to be a Snapchat video that shows a young woman crooning along to an Adele song while she drives. The caption reads, “Boring drive, time for a tune” as she looks into the camera while singing.

Suddenly, the woman curses, her phone goes flying and all you can see is darkness. The singing has stopped, the car is motionless and only the windshield wipers are audible.

It is an incredibly eerie video, but that is the point. The young woman is an actress and the video was made to show how quickly a collision can occur. The video ends with a photo of the woman lying bloodied in a hospital bed. The caption over the photo reads, “My bed for the night. Lucky to be alive.”

The Daily Record reports that the video was made by Derbyshire police in association with the county’s Casualty Reduction Enforcement Support Team.

“Having a facing camera on your smartphone can make it all too tempting to film yourself at the wheel, whether it’s to moan about the traffic, muse about your day, or belt out the latest No. 1,” a spokesman for Derbyshire police told the Derby Telegraph.

“But filming yourself while driving  or using your phone for anything at all  means you are massively distracted, and distracted driving can be fatal,” he explained.

“Our message is don’t stream and drive. Don’t do a Facebook Live, don’t send a Snapchat video, don’t knock together a quick Snapchat story of your latest karaoke effort.”

There have been many reports of car crashes caused by distracted driving.

In June 2016, a Georgia man was left with lifelong disabilities after a teenager who was allegedly using Snapchat while driving crashed into him. Last November, a 20-year-old driver was injured after apparently filming himself driving recklessly before crashing into a dump truck and hitting a highway barrier in Rhode Island.