U.S. man accused of kidnapping, rape of Edmonton girl faces 3 new charges

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Noah Madrano, 40, remains in custody in Oregon.   (KWG - image credit)
Noah Madrano, 40, remains in custody in Oregon. (KWG - image credit)

The Oregon man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 13-year-old Edmonton girl is facing three new criminal charges, on top of the five counts originally laid last month.

Noah Madrano allegedly lured the girl through an online platform then abducted her and took her across the U.S. border in June. The girl, who is not being identified by CBC, was rescued when Madrano was arrested and taken into custody in Oregon City on July 2.

According to court documents filed by the Clackamas County District Attorney, in addition to kidnapping and four sex-related charges, Madrano, 40, is now also accused of luring and two counts of using a child in display of sexually explicit conduct.

The district attorney handling the Madrano case explained that using a child in display criminalizes the production of pornography shared with others. Because the case is before the courts, she was unable to elaborate on why those charges were laid.

The Edmonton teen's father heard about the new charges on Monday when he virtually observed Madrano appear before an Oregon judge to ask for his bail to be lowered from $500,000 to $50,000. The teen's family and the district attorney opposed the application.

The judge denied Madrano's request. He remains in custody.

"We're very happy that he's being kept in prison," the father told CBC News. "I think even for my daughter, knowing that he cannot reach her, he cannot contact her, it helps her sleep at night."

The father also welcomed the additional criminal charges, because it could mean that if he's convicted, Madrano could face more prison time.

"Our focus is really on ensuring that Noah Madrano is sent to prison for the longest amount of time possible," the father said. "Hearing [about] the additional charges actually makes us feel better about the situation."

The teen's father told CBC News that he anticipates that federal charges are also expected to be laid.

The Clackamas County deputy district attorney, Adrienne Chin-Perez, told CBC News that she did not anticipate any further state charges being laid.


She also thought it was unlikely that the trial that is scheduled to begin on August 30 will go ahead, given the complexity of the case and the ongoing investigation.

The teen's father said he expects the trial will likely take place sometime in 2023.

Edmonton police investigation continues

The Edmonton Police Service investigation also continues, but to date, no Canadian criminal charges have been laid against Madrano.

An EPS spokesperson said local investigators are waiting for some information from partnering agencies before laying charges here.

"From what I understand, once we lay charges they will likely be by way of warrants because he [Madrano] would have to deal with his U.S. charges before ours are spoken to," Sgt. Daniel Tames told CBC News.

The teen's father doubts Madrano will ever be extradited to Canada to face charges.

"He's better off to stay in the U.S. and serve time there," the father said. "The trial will go through a lot more quickly in the U.S. and the time given to criminals of this nature is a lot longer."

The father said family and friends have rallied around the teen since she has come back to Canada.

"It's really brought us all together and making sure she's looked after as best we can," the father said.

"It truly is one day at a time. There's good days, there's bad days."