U.S. may quietly greenlight Kyiv's strike inside Russia, says Ukrainian MP

ATACMS missile fire by Ukrainian defense forces
ATACMS missile fire by Ukrainian defense forces

The United States is considering granting Kyiv non-public authorization to use American weapons to strike military targets inside Russia, the parliamentary Defense Committee's Deputy Chairman Yehor Cherniev said on national television on May 30.

“We care about the result, rather not the process,” he said.

“We talked about this in the United States: ‘If you want to speak publicly, if you don't want to, give non-public permission through different channels.’ We have many channels (of interaction),” he said, noting that the Ukrainian military has already requested permission to use U.S.-made weapons against targets in Russia.

He suggested that the Washington could grant permission through military channels, thereby avoiding a public announcement.

“If our military receives such permission through military channels, this will be absolutely sufficient, there is no need to announce it in The New York Times, CNN or BBC. So such a scenario is quite possible.”

This follows an earlier report by The New York Times that President Biden weighed fears of escalation with a nuclear-armed adversary as he considered whether to let Ukraine fire American weapons into Russia.

On May 29, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the White House would “adapt and adjust” its stance based on battlefield conditions and might permit Kyiv to use U.S.-made weapons to strike Russian territory.

Blinken said that United States neither encourages nor authorizes such attacks, but that Ukrainians must make their own decisions about how best to protect themselves.

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When asked by a journalist whether his words “adapt and adjust” meant that the United States could support Ukraine's attacks with American weapons on Russian territory, he replied: “Adapt and adjust means exactly that.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told The New York Times on May 21, that he had asked the U.S. to allow Ukraine to use American missiles and other weapons on military targets inside Russia.

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