U.S. sanctions Russian and CAR companies linked to Wagner PMC

The United States introduced new sanctions against companies associated with Wagner PMC
The United States introduced new sanctions against companies associated with Wagner PMC

Washington sanctioned two companies linked to Wagner PMC, one in Russia and one in the Central African Republic (CAR), for their efforts in advancing Russia’s malign activities in the CAR, the U.S. Treasury Department announced on March 8.

Bois Rouge SARLU (Bois Rouge), also known as Wood International Group SARLU, is a Bangui, CAR-based timber company. Established in 2019, Bois Rouge is just one of many Prigozhin-associated companies operating in CAR, which constitutes a vast malign network spanning the spectrum of CAR’s political, economic, and information sectors. It received a natural resources concession in exchange for the services the Wagner Group provided in CAR.

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Limited Liability Company Broker Expert (Broker Expert) is a St. Petersburg, Russia-based company with a lengthy track record of supporting Prigozhin’s exploits throughout Africa. Broker Expert has exported goods to several Prigozhin-associated companies, including dozens of shipments to Bois Rouge in CAR, multipurpose vehicles to U.S.-designated Meroe Gold Co. LTD. in Sudan, and helmets to Wagner Group forces in Ukraine. Moreover, Prigozhin’s enterprise had used Broker Expert, among other companies, to regularly move cash to fund malign activities.

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“Russia has sought to leverage these Wagner-affiliated companies in its efforts both to secure additional revenue from abroad and to advance its interests in Africa, often at the expense of the host countries, their institutions, and their citizens,” said Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian E. Nelson.

“The United States remains focused on disrupting the networks that enable Russia’s illicit and destabilizing activities in Africa.”

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