UCDSB changes school naming policy

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BROCKVILLE – Changing with the times, the region’s largest school board will no longer name new schools after individuals.

Trustees at the Upper Canada District School Board amended the board’s school naming policy at its June 15 trustee meeting.

Trustee Corina Parisien (Ward 10) told the board there was a lengthy discussion between the policy review committee and Director of Education Ron Ferguson about changing the naming policy, resulting in prohibiting naming schools after people.

Previously, the board would take street name, geographic area, and significant people from the community when a new school is named, or a use change for a school prompted a renaming.

The committee recommended prohibiting the use of names of individuals for new or renamed schools.

“Part of the rational is we have no guarantee that 25 years from now the name that’s brought forward is still is in reputable nominature,” explained Trustee Vice Chair Donald Cram (Ward 1).

Existing schools like Naismith Memorial Public School and The Queen Elizabeth School do not have to be renamed with the policy.

School name changes will only occur if there is a change of use. New schools constructed cannot be named after individuals.

The UCDSB is renaming the now-expanded Roxmore Public School in Avonmore to Avonmore Elementary School this fall with the closure of North Stormont Public School.

At 23 of the board’s schools, and its adult and continuing education program are named after individuals or communities named after individuals. The UCDSB has 79 schools in the board, soon to be 78 with the NSPS closure.

Phillip Blancher, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Morrisburg Leader

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