UCF's Shaquem Griffin misses Senior Bowl play for in-game interview

As live broadcasts continue to matter more and more to professional sports leagues and franchises, broadcasters are, more and more, allowed to try new things. Recently, many have been pushing the limits of the in-game interview.

In competitive games, there are boundaries. But in ones where the result doesn’t matter? Well, that’s when we get things like interviews with baseball outfielders in between pitches.

And now we have an interview with a football player while he was supposed to be on the field. (Video above.)

NFL Network sideline reporter Alex Flanagan was live with linebacker Shaquem Griffin during the fourth quarter of the Senior Bowl, a showcase game for NFL Draft prospects. Griffin is the one-handed UCF standout who could have a legitimate NFL future. Flanagan asked him about how not having a left hand affects his technique. Griffin was about 10 seconds into his answer when his teammates and coaches interrupted him.

“Oh, lord!” Griffin exclaimed, before running to grab he helmet.

He was supposed to be on punt team duty.

NFL Network sideline reporter Alex Flanagan interviews UCF’s Shaquem Griffin while he’s supposed to be on the field on punt team duty. (Getty)

Griffin didn’t make it onto the field in time. One of his teammates had replaced him. Fortunately, because it was the fourth quarter of a meaningless showcase game, both he and Flanagan were able to laugh off the gaffe.

“Oh, and everybody’s looking at me right now,” Flanagan said with a slightly embarrassed chuckle.

But, as the NFL Network announcers pointed out, Griffin doesn’t have a combine invite yet. Every play in front of scouts matters. It’s not the best idea to miss one for something totally unrelated to football.

“Tell Bill O’Brien I’m sorry,” Flanagan said, referring to the Houston Texans coach who was in charge of Griffin’s Senior Bowl team.

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It appeared Griffin headed out onto the field for the next defensive series, though, so there wasn’t any lingering frustration.