UEFA Women's Champions League Football Winners

2002_Frankfurt (Germany)

2003_Umea (Sweden)

2004_Umea (Sweden)

2005_Turbine Potsdam (Germany)

2006_Frankfurt (Germany)

2007_Arsenal (England)

2008_Frankfurt (Germany)

2009_Duisburg (Germany)

2010_Turbine Potsdam (Germany)

2011_Lyon (France)

2012_Lyon (France)

2013_Wolfsburg (Germany)

2014_Wolfsburg (Germany)

2015_Frankfurt (Germany)

2016_Lyon (France)

2017_Lyon (France)

2018_Lyon (France)

2019_Lyon (France)

2020_Lyon (France)

2021_Barcelona (Spain)

2022_Lyon (France)

Note: UEFA Women's Cup from 2001-09.

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