UFC fighters call for Snoop Dogg to be stripped of MMA commentator role

UFC Hall of Famer Urijah Faber and Snoop Dogg host a series on UFC Fight Pass.

Snoop Dogg, one of hip-hop’s most popular rappers, has never been shy with sharing his opinion on the mic, but his recent comments about Daniel Cormier don’t seem to be earning Snoop many fans among the fighters.

Snoop, who makes regular appearances on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series on UFC Fight Pass, is no stranger to MMA commentary. When the TMZ cameras recently caught up with Snoop, the “Drop It Likes It’s Hot” rapper quickly shared his thoughts on the Jon Jones-Cormier bout, and a few fighters were far from impressed.

“You see what he [Jones] did to DC? He had him crying like a [expletive],” Snoop Dogg shared with TMZ. “You shouldn’t have been talking all that [expletive] when he was on suspension. Never talk about a man when he’s down; you wanna pick him up when he’s down.”

Cormier, a strong ambassador for UFC and MMA, is a well respected fighter who probably deserves a little bit more respect than what Snoop had displayed. A few fighters who took umbrage with Snoop’s comments were quick to take their distaste to social media.

Now, lightweight slugger Al Iaquinta is not exactly a fan of Dana White, so his tweet could easily have been just another opportunity to speak out against White’s leadership. But fellow fighter Matt Brown clearly agreed that Snoop should refrain from mocking a fighter who had just received a kick to the head from the best fighter in the world.

Following his loss to Jones, Cormier was quite emotional as he spoke with UFC commentator Joe Rogan — tears streamed down Cormier’s face as he struggled to get the words out. This interview garnered its own fair share of criticism, as Cormier was clearly woozy and was diagnosed with a concussion shortly after the interview.

Rogan quickly apologized for exposing an injured and vulnerable Cormier to the audience when the fighter should have been seeking medical attention, but something tells us we shouldn’t be expecting an apology from Snoop Dogg any time soon.