UFO investigator says the Pentagon is now trying to ‘smear’ his reputation

On TMZ Investigates: UFOs: The Pentagon Proof, a Fox TV special that aired Tuesday, host Harvey Levin dug deeper into the new US government report on UFOs, which says they can't explain 144 sightings. One of the people tasked with investigating those sightings was Pentagon counterintelligence official Lue Elizondo, who resigned in 2017 after 22 years because he said those above him refused to present his findings to then-defense Secretary James Mattis.

“I was facing significant resistance informing some of the most senior levels of DOD leadership about our findings,” Elizondo said.

In the time since his resignation, Elizondo said the Pentagon threatened his security clearance which would ultimately make it harder for him to get a job in his fields of expertise. And as he’s continued to speak out, the Pentagon took things a step further by denying that he was ever even a part of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, also known as AATIP, which investigates UFOs. A move that Elizondo says is “absolutely an attempt to smear my reputation.”

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