UK company upgrades Ukrainian drones to resist Russian EW

Drone by Evolve Dynamics
Drone by Evolve Dynamics

UK-based company Evolve Dynamics is developing technology that will help Ukrainian UAVs stay airborne even in areas saturated by Russian electronic warfare (EW) systems, Reuters reported on March 27.

The project is a part of the international effort by Ukraine's allies to support its drone program. It should give Ukraine an advantage over Russia, which has far more resources at its disposal, the report says.

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Companies from dozens of countries supply drones and their components to Ukraine. Evolve Dynamics is focused on technological advancements designed to counter Russia's substantial EW capabilities.

By developing alternative communication algorithms, the company aims to complicate Russia's ability to jam signals coming to and from Ukrainian UAVs.

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“It's a constant ping-pong game between adversaries,” Evolve Dynamics CEO Mike Dewhirst described the rapidly developing UAV military doctrines of both Russia and Ukraine.

He added that in the last two and a half years, there have been 85 updates to Sky Mantis drones manufactured by the company.

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Evolve Dynamics currently has about 100 Sky Mantis UAVs in use by Ukraine, making it one of the largest UK suppliers of drones to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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