UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron calls situation in Kharkiv Oblast 'extremely dangerous'

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron
British Foreign Secretary David Cameron

Russian troops have intensified their activity in the north of Kharkiv Oblast, creating an "extremely dangerous" moment in the war, prompting urgent calls for increased support for Ukraine, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said in an interview with Sky News on May 12.

"We have to do everything we can to help Ukraine," Cameron stated, describing the Russian attempt to break through in the Kharkiv sector as "extremely dangerous."

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He highlighted the significance of Britain's recent $3.74 billion military aid package to Ukraine.

Cameron noted that it would have been advantageous if the U.S. aid package had arrived sooner, pointing out, "Ukraine has suffered from attrition while repelling Russian land assaults."

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"Everyone needs to step up on aid; the UK is again leading in providing support," Cameron said.

"But American funds will also make a difference, so we must also step in and give Ukrainians the support they need."

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