Ukraine approves 50% cap on conscription exemption for police officers and rescuers

Rescuers extinguish a fire at a site damaged during a massive Russian attack on Ukraine's energy industry on the night of June 1
Rescuers extinguish a fire at a site damaged during a massive Russian attack on Ukraine's energy industry on the night of June 1

Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers approved a resolution allowing for the exemption from conscription, including State Emergency Service (SES) employees, in volumes not exceeding 50%, European Solidarity party MP Oleksiy Honcharenko reported on Telegram on June 5.

The Cabinet also restricted the exemption of employees from the National Police, prosecutor's offices, the Economic Security Bureau, the State Criminal Executive Service, the Judicial Protection Service, courts, judicial institutions, and pre-trial investigation entities.

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A petition urging the Cabinet to exempt the entire staff of the State Fire Service, emergency response services, and other civil defense workers from conscription gained the necessary 25,000 votes on June 3.

The exemption of some civil defense workers has currently been lifted, said the author of the petition, emphasizing the vital role of SES workers in protecting Ukrainians from fire and other emergencies.

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MP Fedir Venislavskyi said on May 4 that there were no discussions in Parliament about lifting the exemption for police officers and rescuers.

Conscription exemptions

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Certain categories of institutions and organizations may receive permission to exempt their employees from conscription during martial law, according to Cabinet Resolution No. 76. Qualifying organizations will need to fulfill specific requirements and submit documents, along with a list of exempted employees, to obtain a permit for exemption.

This exemption process has limits, such as a stipulation that no more than 50% of an organization's draft-eligible workers can be exempted. An organization can attempt to exempt more employees if they can justify this expansion to the Ministry.

The Cabinet amended the procedure for allowing companies to exempt employees from military conscription, according to Resolution No. 520, dated May 8.

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