Ukraine defies US warnings against striking Russian industry — report

Long-range Ukrainian drone AQ-400 Scythe
Long-range Ukrainian drone AQ-400 Scythe

Ukraine is seemingly determined to continue its drone strikes targeting Russian industrial infrastructure, despite the United States signaling its disapproval of the attacks, The Economist reported on April 18.

The report notes that Ukraine has developed drones with a range of up to 3,000 kilometers, capable of reaching targets in Siberia.

U.S. officials expressed concern over these deep strikes, particularly when it comes to attacks on Russian oil refineries, which could directly affect global energy prices.

“So far, Ukraine is ignoring American advice to call off the strikes,” the article said/

An unnamed Ukrainian intelligence officer told the journalists that he had not received orders to halt operations. Although attacks on refineries have decreased recently, this is likely temporary.

“Our targets change day to day; we keep the Russians on their toes,” the source said.

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At the same time, one manufacturer of long-range Ukrainian drones claims that some U.S. officials are fully behind Ukraine targeting Russian industrial output.

“They’re privately telling us to keep going,” they told the journalists.

The same source added that Kyiv is intent on expanding its strike drone production in the coming months.

"Russia is scorching Ukrainian land; it’s time we did the same to the European [part of] Russia," they concluded.

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