Ukraine destroys Russian S-300 at Belbek airfield in Crimea with ATACMS missiles

Video footage of a fire at the Belbek airfield in occupied Crimea on May 15, 2024
Video footage of a fire at the Belbek airfield in occupied Crimea on May 15, 2024

During the latest attack on the Belbek Airfield in occupied Crimea, Ukraine destroyed a Russian S-300 air defense system with ATACMS with a range of up to 300 kilometers, Yevhen Dykyi, a veteran of the Russo-Ukrainian war, told Radio NV on May 16.

"The strikes on Belbek are invigorating ATACMS – the same 300-kilometer ATACMS that we have been demanding from [U.S. President Joe] Biden for so long, and that he finally gave in to," the former company commander of the Aidar battalion said.

”We immediately see the effect of their use. It is very characteristic that the main ‘phat’ target destroyed this time was the S-300 anti-aircraft system, and the entire system was destroyed: the radar was destroyed, as well as the launchers.”

A single hit destroyed a complex worth several tens of millions of dollars, which, according to Russians, was supposed to shoot down ATACMS missiles, Dykyi said.

Recent attacks and responses at Belbek Airfield in Crimea

Explosions near the Belbek airfield in the early hours of May 15 led to multiple fires, as reported by the Crimean Wind monitoring channel. The satellite data indicated increased fire activity around the runway and aircraft stands.

In response to the attacks, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed to have intercepted 10 ATACMS missiles over Crimea. Mikhail Razvozhayev, the appointed "governor" of Sevastopol by Russian authorities, declared that a "massive attack" on Sevastopol had been thwarted.

Defence Express, a military news outlet, suggested that Ukrainian Defense Forces may have targeted Russian MiG-31 fighters parked at the Belbek airfield with ATACMS missiles during these strikes.

Further disturbances were reported on the evening of May 15, with sounds of explosions again permeating Crimea. Local occupation authorities confirmed that air defenses were activated. Additionally, the Atesh guerrilla movement claimed responsibility for "successful attacks" on Russian military targets in Crimea.

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Atesh agents at the Belbek military airfield reported a precise hit and hours of subsequent detonation of the main missile and artillery depot (military unit 80189).

This depot reportedly housed most of the missiles for Su-27, Su-30 and MiG-31 aircraft that Russia launches at Ukrainian cities.

The guerrillas also recorded significant damage to the airfield's infrastructure as a result of secondary detonation.

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Two MiG-31 fighters were destroyed in an attack on the Belbek airfield on May 15, the Russian Telegram channel ASTRA reported. A fuel and lubricant depot also burned down. 11 Russian soldiers were also injured.

Also, according to ASTRA, in the morning a missile hit the S-400 Triumph air defense system near the village of Vyshneve. After the attack, the weapon caught fire. Two Russians were reportedly killed and two others were injured.

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