Ukraine failed to take out all the missiles in Russia's latest mass attack due to a lack of air defense

Missile strike
Missile strike

The reason Ukraine was unable to destroy all the missiles in Russia's latest mass attack was because of a lack of air defense, Air Force spokesperson, Ilya Yevlash, said on national TV.

Ukraine managed to destroy 7 of 11 cruise missiles and all 32 attack drones fired by Russia in its latest mass attack.

Ukraine deployed Air Force anti-aircraft missile units, Defense Forces mobile fire groups, and electronic warfare units to counter the aerial assault, Yevlash noted.

"We managed to eliminate an even higher percentage of downed targets than the day before," he added.

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The lack of air defense means now constitutes the main problem for its effectiveness.

"We have to maneuver our available forces and means to repel attacks, as the enemy quite often uses its attack drones and missiles from various different launch sites," Yevlash explained.

Russian mass attack on May 30

The Russians launched a massive attack on Ukraine overnight on May 30, firing Shahed drones and missiles from Tu-95MS strategic bombers.

Explosions were heard, in particular, near Starokostyantyniv in Khmelnytskyi Oblast.

A power line was damaged in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

The Russians hit critical infrastructure in one of Kharkiv’s districts, injuring seven people.

One city in Khmelntysky Oblast was partially left without electricity due to the Russian attack.

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