Ukraine intensifies drone attacks, damaging Russian facilities across multiple oblasts

An oil depot is on fire in the Smolensk region after a night drone attack
An oil depot is on fire in the Smolensk region after a night drone attack

A significant coordinated drone strike orchestrated by Ukraine's military intelligence (HUR), the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), and the Special Operations Forces (SSO) struck eight Russian oblasts overnight on April 20, according to NV sources.

The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed that an onslaught involving 50 drones targeted the region. "It was a jolly night," remarked sources familiar with the operation.

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The Ukrainian drones targeted the energy infrastructure that powers Russian military facilities, according to these sources. Following the attacks, some areas experienced problems with electricity and water supply.

The attacks damaged at least three substations and a fuel storage base, resulting in fires.

"SBU drones once again proved their effectiveness and demonstrated results — successfully targeting infrastructure that ensures the smooth operation of military facilities on Russian territory," a source in the security services said.

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