Ukraine lost about 20% of power grid regulation capability after attack on Dnipro HPP – Ukrhydroenergo

Consequences of the Russian attack on the Dnipro HPP on March 22, 2024
Consequences of the Russian attack on the Dnipro HPP on March 22, 2024

Ukraine has lost about 20% of its power grid’s regulation capability as a result of Russian strikes on the Dnipro Hydroelectric Power Plant (DHPP), Ukrhydroenerho CEO Ihor Sirota said on Ukrainian television on March 23.

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It is currently impossible to say exactly when the plant can resume normal operations, he clarified, adding that “certain tests” are being conducted at one of the plant’s power stations. However, non-repairable equipment will need to be replaced, which may take a long time due to the custom nature of those parts, he said.

It will take at least three to four days to reach equipment buried under rubble, Syrota said, and reiterated that the dam itself was not damaged, and that there is no risk of a breach.

The Energy Ministry said on March 22 that engineers had managed to restore some of the equipment damaged by the Russian attack on the dam, but noted that the plant was still non-functional.

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March 22 Russian mass strike on Ukraine’s power grid

On March 22, Russia carried out the largest attack on Ukraine's energy infrastructure since the start of the full-scale invasion. The DHPP was subjected to the most serious attack since February 2022. Official reports from Ukrenergo, Ukrhydroenergo, and Ukrainian authorities that Russian forces specifically targeted the dam.

According to the Ukrainian government, the DHPP was struck at least eight times – specifically, the power plant’s support and crane beams. A fire broke out at the plant afterward. In total, Russia fired at least 20 missiles at the city of Zaporizhzhya, where the dam is located.

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