Ukraine mandates military service registration for female doctors and pharmacists

A servicewoman
A servicewoman

The Ukrainian government has excluded the provision according to which doctors and pharmacists who are not registered with a military commissariat could be employed as non-conscripts, according to a resolution dated May 16.

The Cabinet of Ministers made the relevant changes by Resolution No. 563, according to the Judicial and Legal Newspaper.

Now, all doctors and pharmacists must register for military service if they want to work.

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Previously, this rule stipulated that women who received a medical or pharmaceutical degree and were not registered for military service could be employed as non-conscripts until the end of 2026.

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The rules requiring heads of state bodies and enterprises to inform the military recruitment centers about women who work for them, who have received a medical or pharmaceutical degree, and are not registered for military service remain in force.

Unemployed women must come to the military commissariat on their own to be registered for military service.

Women who have a specialty or profession related to military specialties (except for those who have received a medical or pharmaceutical degree and are fit for military service for health reasons and age) are registered for military service on a general basis at their request.

Women's military registration – who is required to register

Military registration applies only to those women who have received education in the specialties specified in Article 1 of the Law of Ukraine "On Military Duty and Military Service".

The military registration of women doctors applies to:

female students who are in the last year of their studies in these specialties;

employees of state bodies, local self-government bodies, enterprises who have received education in these specialties;

unemployed persons who have obtained a relevant specialty.

Duties of women liable for military service

Valeriya Hudiy, attorney at Illyashev & Partners Law Firm, explained what obligations women of accounting specialties have after being registered for military service and whether they are subject to conscription.

Medical doctors and pharmacists have the following obligations after being registered for military service:

  • undergo training for military service, military service itself and perform military duty in the reserve

  • comply with the rules of military registration established by law

  • arrive at the call of the relevant territorial recruitment center for the issuance of military registration documents (certificates of registration with military registration centers, military IDs, temporary certificates of persons liable for military service), assignment, medical examination, referral for training to obtain or improve a military specialty, call-up for military service or training for persons liable for military service

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  • undergo medical examination and treatment in health care facilities in accordance with the decisions of the assignment commission, conscription commission or military medical commission of the relevant military recruitment center.

Provide timely information about themselves (marital status, health status), addresses of residence, education, place of work and position.

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