Ukraine needs more weapons for decisive victory - ex-NATO chief

Wesley Clark
Wesley Clark

Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Wesley Clark, discussed the potential outcomes of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine in an interview with NV on April 28, highlighting the risks and necessary conditions for a resolution.

The war, which Clark describes as operating at a "medium level of intensity," could escalate into a nuclear conflict or expand to other nations. To prevent this, Ukraine must secure enough weaponry to achieve a decisive advantage at the main point of attack while maintaining pressure along the entire front line, he explained.

“The war in Ukraine is now being fought with the latest technology and will be won by the side that can maintain the commitment of its population, produce necessary conventional military assets, and stay ahead of the other side,” said Clark.

According to former NATO chief, there is no “silver bullet” that will definitely tip scales in favor of either side.

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“I think we will see more efforts to prevent usage of electromagnetic spectrum,"

"This will be the next defining feature, as well as the blinding of aerial reconnaissance by drones and satellites. Significant efforts will be made to reduce transparency of battlefield. It's also true that this war could go nuclear, or localized, or spread to other parts of the world,” Clark added.

Even in current situation, he believes that Ukraine will overcome enemy.

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“This is a war that will ultimately determine Russia's existence," general summarized.

"Ideally, Putin will lose his place and a more intelligent Russian leader will emerge. But it is possible that Russia itself will disintegrate."

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