Ukraine negotiating localizing production of Patriot AA systems — Ambassador Markarova

Oksana Markarova
Oksana Markarova

Manufacturing Patriot air defense systems or some of their components domestically in Ukraine is entirely feasible, Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Oksana Markarova told Ukrainian TV broadcasters on April 23.

According to her, negotiations on this process are already taking place. She clarified that the talks include other modern anti-air systems besides the U.S.-made Patriot.

“It's absolutely real; There are many companies—I'm not just talking about Patriot, but other opportunities—that have already started construction or joint projects with Ukrainian companies at home,” said Markarova.

“We will work to ensure this applies to all potential industrial projects, including complex ones like Patriot.”

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At the same time, the ambassador did not provide any specific timeframes for these partnerships to produce results.

“These negotiations have been quite substantive since the last visit of the president [Volodymyr Zelenskyy] to the United States, after which our [Ukrainian and U.S.] companies started having meetings [to discuss joint projects],” she added.

“These are now very concrete talks.”

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