Ukraine's military intelligence behind successful drone strike on Russia's Ryazan oil refinery

A fire at an oil refinery in Ryazan Oblast after a UAV strike on the night of May 1
A fire at an oil refinery in Ryazan Oblast after a UAV strike on the night of May 1

The successful drone attack on Russia's Ryazan oil refinery overnight on May 1 was a special operation of Ukraine's Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR), RBC-Ukraine sources reported.

The attack ignited a huge fire at the factory, Russian media reported, including several videos of the alleged fire.

The attack was from drones, said Ryazan Oblast Governor Pavel Malkov, who claimed that one drone had been shot down.

Russia's Defense Ministry claimed that six Ukrainian drones were intercepted overnight.

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The Ryazan refinery, Rosneft's largest, was also attacked on March 13.

At that time, two primary oil processing units were rendered inoperational, Reuters reported, referencing its sources.

The plant processes about 4.6% of the total volume of oil in Russia, with a significant part for export.

The Ryazan refinery has an annual capacity of 17.1 million tons of oil.

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Attacks on Russian refineries

Ukraine has been regularly targeting Russian oil refineries with long-range drones since late January.

At least 13 strikes on Russian refineries have been recorded, said Ukraine's SBU Security Service.

Oil extraction and processing in Russia have decreased by 12% after the strikes.

Revenue from oil product exports accounts for one-third of the Russian budget and a substantial portion of the military budget, SBU Chief Vasyl Maliuk said.

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