Ukraine's NATO entry and strengthening Ukraine - what Poland hopes to see at July's NATO Summit

Radosław Sikorski
Radosław Sikorski

Allies will outline plans to strengthen Ukraine's security and integrate the country into the Alliance at the NATO Summit in Washington, hopes Polish Foreign Affairs Minister, Radosław Sikorski, he told RMF24.

"I hope that we will outline practical plans for strengthening Ukraine's security so that in a few years Ukraine will be able to join the Euro-Atlantic institutions," he said.

Ukraine hopes to hear concrete proposals during the NATO Summit, but Sikorsky warned against "creating unrealistic expectations that cannot be fulfilled."

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Defense budgets in Europe are growing, and Poland is a leader in this matter, Sikorski said.

"(Defense spending) should grow because Russia has attacked our neighbors and is threatening us," he said.

"NATO is the most powerful alliance in world history. It already beat Russia once. It will again."

Sikorski repeated his belief that the war can be ended in five minutes with a single call from Russian dictator Vladimir Putin to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

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"This is an aggressive colonial war. - and it will end when the aggressor comes to the conclusion that the victims are not worth the possible gains," he said.

"But so far the aggressor has not reached that conclusion."

NATO Summit in Washington

NATO's 75th anniversary summit will be held July 9-11 in Washington.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is looking for two decisions at the summit - the transfer of new air defense systems and concrete steps towards Ukraine's membership in the Alliance.

The last NATO Summit was held in Vilnius, Lithuania on July 11-12, 2023.

It was attended by the leaders of the 31 countries of the Alliance, as well as delegations from Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Ukraine, and Sweden.

Zelenskyy attended the summit.

Ukraine will become a member of the Alliance without a MAP (formal assessment plan - ed.) and will receive an invitation when the allies agree and "the conditions are met,"  NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on July 11.

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