Ukrainian Air Force attacks Russian planes from a distance of more than 150 km

Ukraine has shot down more than a dozen enemy Su-34s over the past month
Ukraine has shot down more than a dozen enemy Su-34s over the past month

Russian aircraft were attacked from a distance of more than 150 km on March 7, the Ukrainian Air Force Commander Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk reported on Telegram on March 8.

“We are checking the results of the combatwork,” he wrote.

According to him, air defense units hunt down Russian fighters almost every day.

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“Yes, the enemy continues to attack our positions with guided bombs, but they no longer dare to fly too close.”

After the painful loss of 15 aircraft in February and early March, including A-50 AWACS plane and Su-34/Su-35 fighter jets, the enemy significantly reduced the number of airstrikes with guided aerial bombs.

Moreover, the absence of A-50 aircraft over the Sea of Azov and other front sectors has reduced the enemy’s ability to conduct radar reconnaissance.

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“According to our information, Russian pilots have already begun to hold some ‘discussions’ on the decisions of the military leadership - sending them on a one-way trip,” Oleshchuk said.

“Such talks, and possibly sabotage, will only increase if the Air Force receives more tools from Western partners to protect our skies from enemy air attacks.”

Ukrainian Defense Forces achieved remarkable results in their combat against Russian aviation, successfully downing 15 enemy aircraft worth over $1 billion since beginning of February.

The aircraft downed in February-March 2024 include:

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  • Ten Su-34 fighter-bombers, each with an export value of around $50 million ($500 million in total). The Su-34s are among the most modern aircraft in Russia’s aviation arsenal, equipped with GABs and Kh-59 air-to-surface missiles used to attack frontline regions in Ukraine. The Su-34, with a crew of two pilots, is roughly equivalent to the American F-15E Strike Eagle, a two-seat multirole fighter from the 1980s, capable of reaching speeds up to 1,900 km/h. Currently, Russia has dozens more Su-34s in service. Before the full-scale invasion, Russia produced 127 Su-34s, according to Defence Express.

  • Two Su-35 fighters, each valued at around $100 million ($200 million in total). These fourth-generation multirole fighters, previously described as the “main adversary” by the late Ukrainian Air Force ace pilot Andriy Pilyshchikov (callsign “Dzhus”), often provide air support for Russian combat aircraft, ranging from Su-34s to A-50s, reaching speeds up to 2,400 km/h.

  • One A-50U long-range radar detection aircraft, an exceedingly rare Russian plane valued at around $350 million, which Russia can no longer produce. These planes serve as airborne command centers, coordinating air and sea target detection and air defense operations. With a maximum speed of around 900 km/h, Ukraine has shot down two such aircraft since the start of 2024, with another A-50U damaged at the Belarusian Machulishchy airfield in February 2023.

On March 2, the Ukrainian Air Force Commander Mykola Oleshchuk reported the probable destruction of another Russian Su-34 and Su-35 aircrafts.

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