Ukrainian parties may lose state funding to support national defense efforts

Verkhovna Rada
Verkhovna Rada

The Verkhovna Rada has registered bill No. 11189, which proposes to allocate all public funds for party funding to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the chair of the Committee on Freedom of Speech, Yaroslav Yurchyshyn, announced on April 23.

"I know where to find hundreds of millions of hryvnias to strengthen our defense capabilities," Yurchyshyn said.

“We just need to stop funding political parties during martial law.”

The 2024 budget currently allocates 840 million hryvnias ($21.2 million) to finance parliamentary parties including Servant of the People, Batkivshchyna, European Solidarity, and Golos. Yurchyshyn criticized the necessity of such funding during wartime, urging that all possible resources be directed to military efforts.

Yurchyshyn questioned why "political parties need such sums during the war" and called for all possible resources to be directed to the front.

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"When Ukraine is free of aggressors, there will be a possibility of party activity," he added. "In the meantime, any political campaigning and party spending is a waste. I think this [transferring funds to the Ukrainian Armed Forces] is the best gesture of respect for the army from the parliament."

The Golos faction has expressed its intention to donate their portion of the funds to the defense needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The proposed uses for these funds include activities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, conscription and conscript training, medical support for personnel, and the development, procurement, modernization, and repair of weapons, military equipment, and facilities.

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